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Just wanted to say thanks for such a great hunting experience. I’ve been to Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico on elk hunts. And without a doubt, your outfit, Deadwood Mountain Outfitters, has been my best hunt. From the time we rolled in, I was impressed. The camp was in clean and in neat order. Our sleep tents were clean and heated. You also have a heated shower tent that was nice. The food was great and more than enough. There were plenty of snacks, homemade cakes and cookies. Tell the cook, Jean, thanks for taking such good care of us. And thanks to the whole crew at Deadwood Mountain Outfitters. It was a fun time.


As for my personal hunt, Bill was my guide and took good care of me. I got out of breath too much and Bill was very patient with me. When the opportunity came for a shot, it was at 315 yards with a black power rifle. The Remington 700 UML, which Remington makes claims of being good to 300 yards, was put to the test. When I told Bill the bull ranged at 315 yards, he asked me, “Are you a shooter?” I told him I did it on paper at the range. He said, “Go for it.” When I shot, I couldn’t see because of the smoke. Bill said, “You got him!” I asked, “Are you sure?” And he said, “Yes, I saw him hump up and I saw blood. He’s down.” The nice 6x6 bull only went about 10 yards. What a great hunt! Thanks again, Jay and the crew at Deadwood Mountain Outfitters, for the hunt of my life.


Roger King


Just writing to tell you that we all had a great time. I was pumped up before the hunt because I felt that is was probably the best area that I had ever drawn a tag in. It was everything that I thought it would be. Everyone in our party was planning to come back before we were even unpacked.

You said to send a picture of Chad’s elk so here that is. Chad is still pumped up over his bull. He didn’t even muzzleload hunt for deer when he got home. Said that he had all the meat he needed so he has been striper fishing. He always did like to fish better than hunt anyway. I have passed up on five bucks in four days and am seeing bear about every day. Saw a big boar yesterday of about 300 lbs. or better. Our bear season don’t come in for 9 more days though.

I will be getting back with you on hunting. If the other guys aren’t hunting that year, then I plan on applying for one of those late season deer hunts in Unit 2. Either way, I will be trying to hunt elk or deer I still have my health. Heck, I may try to do both. Have a great holiday season and thanks again for the great time.

-Dean Web & Family

Dear Jay,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Elk hunt that you took me on in October of last year. It was not only a great experience but went beyond all my expectations. It was well organized and worth the cost. The facilities were good, the elk plentiful and your guidance superb. We learned how to hunt elk and came home with the proof. You went beyond the call to make sure our hunt was not only enjoyable, but successful.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that is interested in an elk hunt and hope to one day return for another hunt. Please have anyone interested and wants a recommendation to call me at 804-779-3504.


Robert W. Blake

Dear Jay,

Thanks for a fantastic elk hunt. You were the best. I appreciate your attention to me in making the hunt one of the most exciting I have ever been on. Getting Brandon’s elk to 38 yards for a clean kill was totally due to your expert calling and guiding. The one you got to 15 yards of me was outstanding. May God bless you and I look forward to our future hunts.




I would like to say thank you for making my elk hunt a memorable experience. One of my life dreams has now been fulfilled and can be removed off my wish list due to your advice and obvious experience of hunting these incredible animals. The New Mexico’s Carson National Forest was perfect setting to the anticipation of taking a big bull. The outcome will be remembered a long time to come.

Although, from your standards of experience, I am a complete “rookie”. That, and the fact that this was only my second four-legged animal taken. Your support in regard to an informative plan of action and along with your insight was clearly the turning point for the successful hunt.

The campsite, meals, and attitudes of everyone that was involved made for a gratifying and rewarding challenge.

In appreciation,

John Graham

Dear Fellow Hunter:

In October, I had the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream – hunting high-country western elk from an outfitter’s camp. After successfully drawing a group tag with two of my friends for New Mexico’s second rifle season, I traveled to the Kit Carson National Forest to hunt out of the outfitter’s camp managed by Jay Rumsey. We had chosen the unguided hunt option.

I’ll tell you right up front – all of my expectations were wildly exceeded. In five days, the seven hunters in our camp harvest four bull elk (that’s a 57% success ratio). All hunters saw elk every day. And all of this on public access land!

Jay was expertly knowledgeable about the area and the resident elk habits. His directions to prime hunting areas were clear and precise. We had very little interference from other hunters; in fact, outside of passing a group of horse-mounted hunters on the trail on the first morning, I saw no other hunters (outside of my friends) during the entire week.

He runs a neat and clean “no-frills” camp. The sleeping arrangements were spacious, dry, and warm, and meals were routinely excellent. Imagine such feasts as spiral cut honey-glazed ham and deep-fried turkey with all the fixings in the comfort of a heated cook tent under the stars. His innovative shower arrangement permitted all those in camp to have a good hot shower at the end of each day’s hunt. Frankly, I believe our arrangements and location were far superior to the camps we saw representing fancy, high-dollar outfitters.

If you are looking for a quality hunting experience, I highly recommend Jay Rumsey. He certainly earned my endorsement. You can contact me by phone at 540-786-6516 or email me


Kemp Lear

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