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About Us

Personalized Approach

We would like to welcome you to Deadwood Mountain Outfitters, where we offer quality big game hunts with an enjoyable outdoor experience for all.  We are a full service outfit, where we can cater to all of our clients needs, but still a small family run operation, small enough to keep the hunts affordable for all. We take pride in making your trip an experience you will remember forever. Our business is known for a high return of repeat clients.  So whether you are looking for that trophy for the wall, or just a relaxing week in the high country with the family on that summer get-away.

Excellence and Professionalism 

 Whether you opt for hunting, fishing, summer pack-in trips or other requests, our camp will do everything to make your trip one you look forward to year after year. Our camps combine a wilderness experience with many of the amenities of home, including home cooked meals, hot showers, and even TV. A 16x32 tent is used for cooking and socializing, while smaller wall tents with generator power and propane heat are used for sleeping quarters for our clients. 

It's a Way of Life

Guiding and Outfitting are not just hobbies for us – they are a way of life that we very much enjoy living. With that we would like to extend a hearty invitation to come and visit with us in wild and beautiful New Mexico – The "Land of Enchantment".

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