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Elk DIY Hunts

No Accommodations

Mandatory 2 day guide service

DMO is offering a DIY hunt.  This will allow for an elk hunter using our outfitter number to apply for the 10% of the outfitters draw pool.  We will provide you with the outfitter number for the draw and a guide for 2 days.  The ratio of guide to hunters will be 1 guide per the number of clients on the application.  The guiding will occur on the same 2 days for everyone on the application.  As per regulations, we must contract which 2 days of your hunt that you desire to be guided. Nothing will be furnished for your hunt except for the use of the outfitter number and a guide for 2 days.  This hunt must be in an area where the guide can drive to camp.  NO WILDERNESS HUNTS.

Elk Hunts

Semi-Guided Hunts/Public Land

Full Accommodations


These hunts are offered in Units 52 and 51 located in the Carson National Forest.  With these units totaling about 700,000 acres and a high population of elk with a limit number of hunters, it offers a fantastic opportunity for high success.  We have offered these hunts for over 20 years with great success, some years were 100% for muzzleloader and rifle.  51 and 52 are draw units, but with the use of the outfitter number it increases your odds 2 to 3 times.  

Semi-guided hunts are designed for the hunters who are looking for a quality hunt but do not want to be fully guided for the duration of there hunt..  Over the years, probably 95% of our clients have chose this hunt., and continue to come back year after year.  

Carson National Forest

Fully guided and outfitted


Units 51 and 52

These units located in Northern New Mexico with high populations of elk and limited number of hunters success is very high.  In these units for several years we have had 100% success in both muzzleloader and rifle hunts.  Hunts in these units are mostly done on foot with some done on horseback. There is easy access to areas in these units with several roads and trails crossing them.  Theses units are not noted for true monster bulls, but with a good population of elk and the high bull/cow ratio, success on bulls around 300 inches and higher are possible

Valle Vidal

Fully Guided and Outfitted


DMO offers fully guided/outfitted hunts in one of New Mexico's sought out areas.  "The Valle Vidal".  Located in Northern New Mexico the Valle Vidal has everything the elk hunter could ask for.  With a once in a life time draw, limited road travel and an area a little of 100,000 acres, it is one of the best hunts New Mexico has to offer.  With limited road access, these hunts are done mostly on horseback, but also limited foot travel.  This is a great hunt!

Lincoln National Forest

Units 36 and 34

Guided and Outfitted Hunts



DMO is now offering fully guided hunts in these units located in Southern New Mexico.  These units border The Mescalero Apache Reservation  with unit 36 to the north of the reservation and unit 34 to the south.  These units are known for big bulls and numbers of elk and like most areas having large bulls the draw plays a key role in these units.. By using the outfitters number, the odds of drawing will increase 2 to 3 times. These hunts can be physical demanding at times due to the terrain, especially in unit 36.  Horses will be used in these units, along with foot travel..  These units should be one that you consider for a chance at a trophy bull.  

Gila National Forest

Gila Wilderness

Units 15-16d-16a

Units 16b & 22

Guided and Outfitted


DMO is now offering fully guided hunts in these units of the famed Gila National Forest.  These units are known for having trophy elk.  With some bulls in the areas scoring over 400 inches, this would be the hunt of a lifetime.  This is a great opportunity to make the Gila one of your next hunting destinations.

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