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Elk Hunts // Deer Hunts // Pronghorn Antelope

Elk Hunts

New Mexico is known for both population and quality of elk.  Deadwood Mountain Outfitters offer hunts in several areas of the state, so we are able to to offer several options for the hunter/client.  We have different levels of hunts also, from fully guided and outfitted to a 2-day semi-guided hunt. On the semi-guided hunt we will guide you for 2 days after which you may continue the remainder of your hunt on your own.  These hunts include our outfitter number to help in applying for the draw.  Statewide on our elk hunts, we use areas that accessible by road, with local travel by foot or horseback. Some of our clients use ATVS on the main roads to get from camp to their hunting areas, (before doing this, you must first register your ATV with either your state or New Mexico). With off road travel not permitted in the areas we use by law.  Pack horses are used for all game retrieval. 
Deer Hunts

We offer Hunts statewide for Mule Deer, so whether you prefer Rifle, Muzzleloader, or Archery we have areas that will provide you a chance to fulfill your hunt. One area we have hunted is Unit 2b of northern New Mexico known as the Carraccas Mesa. This area in Rio Arriba county is one of the most sought after areas in the west, and is known for producing trophy deer every year. The Carraccas has given up many deer for us over the past 20 years we have hunted there, with several trophies over 30 inches. Although we can't guarantee a 30 incher for every hunter, the challenge, experience, and opportunity to harvest one of these true trophies bring many of our clients back year after year.
 Pronghorn Antelope
Pronghorn Antelope hunts in our primary areas are muzzleloader and archery hunts. This hunt may be a little more challenging than other pronghorn hunts we offer, but more rewarding too. We offer this as a guided hunt, sometimes on horseback due to the terrain and timber. Using horses seems to make the skittish antelope a little less wary than the traditional spot and stalk methods. The area we hunt has a good number of bucks in the 80-inch plus range, making this a satisfying hunt for the experienced antelope hunter or the first timer. We also offer rifle hunts for antelope in other areas of New Mexico, where we favor the traditional spot and stalk methods. These areas are more open plains where good optics are essential. Whether it’s muzzleloader, rifle or archery we have the hunt that will make for a very enjoyable experience. Landowner tags for antelope are available for the muzzleloader hunts.

Services provided vary from DIY to fully outfitted and guided, call for more info on what is provided for the hunt you are interested in.

Hunts for Barbary Sheep, Oryx and Ibex are also available, contact us for information.

For exact dates for these hunts, please refer to our current Pricing page.
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